Management trust bandeau

Management trust

Management trust: This kind of trust aims at transferring assets to the trustee, whose mission will be the management of these assets on behalf of the settlor or a third beneficiary party. The goal of this operation is to have the assets managed by a third independent party in order to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of the contract.

Applications of the management trust:

  • Operational restructuring : conservation of assets dedicated to the job saving plan (PSE) and execution of the plan in the interest of the beneficiaries.
    An Equitis Operation: selling of La Redoute by Kering
  • Financial restructuring : LBO trust and share rights management trust.
    An Equitis Operation: Belvédère
  • Project Financing: management of the trust assets composed with the financed assets and debt, and distribution of the income/cash flow proceeding from the financed assets (lease payment, dividend, debt obligation etc…).
  • Share management: externalisation of the management of shares as well as publicly or non-publicly traded shares portfolio.
    Two Equitis operations: GFI (Apax Partners); Gemalto
  • Management of real estate portfolio: externalisation of management of real estate portfolio and cash flow, monitoring of assets and property managers, control of the selling/realisation of financed real estate assets.
    An Equitis operation: Rive Defense tower
  • Management of third parties’ accounts: conservation of sums belonging to online players for online gambling operators a required by the French online gambling authority.
    Equitis operations: Winamax ; Betclic, Française des Jeux etc.