Fiducie bandeau


The "Fiducie", French version of a trust, was introduced in the French legal system by a law dated 19 February 2007 along with the addition of articles 2011 and following in the French civil code. The French trust is defined as follows: “The Fiducie is an operation by which one or several settlors transfer assets, rights or collaterals or a collection of assets, rights and collaterals, existing or future to one or several “Fiduciaires” [corporate trustee] who, holding them separately from their own estate, act for a specific purpose for the benefit of one or several “beneficiaries”.”

The corporate trustee

Pursuant to article 2015 of the French civil code, only banks, insurance companies, investment companies and lawyers admitted to the bar can operate as corporate trustees.

The corporate trustee’s duties and rights as a trustee is based on the ownership transfer. Its mission is described in the agreement.

Equitis as corporate trustee

We have been operating as a corporate trustee since 2008 and have become a reliable third party for many financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, private equity companies), settlors or beneficiaries of the trusts it manages, for all kinds of assets.

Our team brings together all the expertise needed to manage trust assets (legal, accounting, finance, asset management, etc. …).

As we have been practicing asset management for more than fifteen years, we also provide well-known experience which enables us to participate in the structuring of financing and refinancing operations, merger and acquisition or restructuring issues.

Our services:

  • Consulting on the operation structure: We can be involved in the elaboration of the operation and help draft agreements and consider financial and legal issues. Our team can also assist the parties and their counsel with the project structure to closing.
  • Trust assets management: We can actively or passively manage assets depending on the nature of the assets and the parties’ interests. This can last up to 99 years.
  • Termination of the trust: We can fully managed the enforcement of the collateral trust regardless the nature of the assets. The wide range of our professional network enables us to complete fully autonomously tasks such as economic valorisation, return of the assets to the settlor, attribution or the sale of the assets. We also collaborate with various experts and the parties’ counsels as part of the asset management mission.